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Knowing that I can help people get back on track, take control of their lives and watching people realise that they can help themselves, they just need the guidance I can provide.

I love seeing people light up when they are on the right path towards their goal. They’re whole mannerisms change along with their attitudes towards themselves shift from not having the confidence to do something to winning in life

I used to teach, and I miss that. I love watching people learn. I’m of an age now where I have done an awful lot with my life both good and bad and have learnt a lot of the times, the hard way. So, I can guide people now learning from my mistakes.

Firstly, I’m a good listener and empathetic. I have a laid back approach and a calming manner. I have lots of business experience including owning businesses, importing goods, product registration, product development, and staff hiring and firing. I have gotten through some tragic life situations too. Examples of which include, business closure due to 2008 crash, nearly dieing in a car accident after a massive anxiety attack triggered by a close friend’s death, my father’s sudden illness, and girlsfriend’s miscariage. I can relate to a lot of personal and realtionship concerns you maybe facing too.

I am a certified elite performance coach, a listed business mentor, an enterprising business award winner, a world record breaker. I hold a clear DBS certificate, a full clean driver’s license, and live the live of sobriety. I am a wellness and self improvement advocate and a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

All my sessions are private and confidential, I provide feedback after each session, and recap at the start of the next.
My first intro session is, free and a full length session with a taster of what’s to come over the course of my program.

Entrepreneurs often spend more time working in their businesses, rather than working on them. From time to time, we all lose direction, we get so caught up in things. Our roles become busier and we feel like we’re losing control.

I can help you pause, and regain focus, so you can identify the changes you need to make – either to your business or to yourself. Then I help you take back control of your business. Once oversight has been realigned, clarity ensues – allowing your business to be once again, profitable, fulfilling and fun.

Not a problem. If you let me know at least 24 hours in advance we can arrange another time that is convenient for the both of us. Please be aware, all calls times are set to UK GMT, so make sure you are prepared to in a place where you will not be distracted for your call. It is your business after all that is I’m helping you with.

I totally understand, your nervous, you don’t like change, and you’re comfortable nesting in your comfort zone. That’s why I offer a free taster session – a full length session packed with snippets of what to expect from my 12 week program, featuring some of the actual questions I ask in the full program. Think of it like a movie trailer or an album sampler. Plus, you can read reviews of past satisfied clients to ease your mind.

In most part yes, either via Zoom, Teams or for UK clients often via the phone. If a client is local then face to face visits can be arranged also.

My coaching is mostly remote – or if someone is local will adhere to venues COVID rules and can wear mask if client wishes me to.

Whether you don’t have an idea, or too many ideas, I’m here to help you find clarity in what you want to do. I’m not here to tell you what to do or don’t do. My role is to get you to open up your mind to the possibilities, instil confidence, show you your true potential, encourage you, and facilitate you down the right path to a successful and profitable business. I help you really kick start your brain into gear, and provide you with the tools, strategies and resources to aid you.

If you are tired of being another rat in the rat race, or a slave to the wage, and have been dreaming of starting your own business, my program will jump start you from the, ‘I wish…’ stage to the ‘I am…’ stage of running your own profitable business. It won’t be easy, it will be challenging, like any of change. However, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Some times you will feel a lack of motivation, but, with my encouragement you will gain the confidence to carry on – everything you want is on the other side of the storm. Goals are achieved by applied action!

If you don’t feel ready, stop and ask yourself, “WHY don’t I feel ready yet?” Are you still not clear on your business idea? Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Are you afraid that it won’t work out? Are your family or friends trying to talk you out of it? If you answered, ‘Yes’ to at least two of those… A-Game Coach is the program that will finally help you to do the do and put you on the path of DOING it!

A-Game Coach.
Business Coaching, Personal Development Coaching & Life Coaching.

Business Mentoring, Development Coaching & Life coaching for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses
I can help you raise your energy levels.
Teach you how to quickly recover from set backs.
Show you how to perform at peak levels.
Challenge your creativity so it shines through.
Encorage you to take risks in all areas of your life so that you can life the live you deserve.

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Transform Visualisation into Actualisation with A-Game Coach. Life Coaching, Personal Development & Business Coaching.

Elevate your aspirations from vision to reality.

Experience transformative Life Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, and Business Coaching.