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Adam Gibbs A-GHame Coach business mentor sits on a chair and looks out the window beside him
Adam Gibbs The A-Game Coach

Who Am I?

Hey I’m Adam Gibbs, aka A.Gee—a seasoned creative, and entrepreneur, with 25+ years of experience. Throughout my career, I have broken world records, claimed prestigious business awards, pioneered innovative products, crafted captivating kid’s books, and DJed in renowned venues alongside acclaimed acts. I have also hosted one of the fastest-growing radio show podcasts and rubbed shoulders with A-List celebrities, while my teaching endeavours at esteemed institutions left an indelible mark.

Yet, my path has not been without its fair share of trials. The 2008 crash forced my to shutter my business, and at one point, I battled with drugs. A life-threatening car accident, triggered by a massive anxiety attack triggered by a series of tragic events in quick succession almost claimed my life.

Despite these challenges, I have overcome them, emerged as a better version of myself. For over six years I have embraced sobriety, dedicating my time and resources to mastering entrepreneurship, business acumen, self-development, self-awareness, and mental health. Forever learning, I have pursued further education, obtaining certifications as an Elite Performance Coach, an accredited business mentor, a mental health first aider, first aider and trained with the NHS to become a health coach helping pre diabetic participants change their habits to not become Type-2 Diabetic.

I understand the importance of taking control of my life and bringing my A-Game to every situation!

I want to help you, I love seeing people grow and develop. Plus, I can relate to many of the problems, struggles and concerns you may be facing. I am well-equipped to guide you on your journey towards your personal growth and success.

Are you ready to get your life back on track and live the life you desire? Let’s do this!

Quick Facts

Adam Gibbs The A-Game Coach

Adam's Accolades & Building Blocks

A-Game Coach - Life Coaching - CEPC Certified Life Coach - badge in colour
Adam Gibbs - Certified Life Coach
Certified Master Coach

Life Coach

With his combined teaching skills, self development, experience in creative industries, and business acumen, Adam has gone on to become a certified performance coach.

CEPC Certified Business Coach badge. Adam Gibbs A-Game Coach
Adam Gibbs - Certified Business Coach
Certified Business Coach

Business Coach

Together with his studies of the best self development and business leaders in the world, previous entrepreneur knowledge and experience in creative businesses, Adam is a certified business coach.

A-Game Coach - Life Coaching - Association Of Business Mentors Logo - Colour
Adam Gibbs is a member of the Association of Business Mentors

Business Mentor

Adam’s previous enterpreneurial awards and ongoing business projects have lead him to be recognised as a Business Mentor with the Association of Business Mentors.

A-Game Coach - Life Coaching - Colchester Institute Logo
Teaching DJing & Music Promotion is just one of Adam's resume entries
DJ Skills & Promotion


Adam previously joined Colchester Institute’s music department, and London’s Subbass Music Academy. Many of his students progressed to be acclaimed acts in their own rights.

Enterprising award winner

The Prince's Trust

In 2006 Adam Gibbs received the Enterprising Business Award, recognised as The Best In Essex. The following year he was asked to showcase his skills to A-List celebrities, including, Will Smith, & Thandie Newton, before the London premier of, Pursuit Of Happiness at the illustrious Dorchester hotel.

A-Game Coach - Life Coaching - Adam Gibbs Princes Trust Enterprising Award Winner - Trophy
Adam Gibbs the proud recipient of the Enterprising Business Award - Recognised as the Best of Essex
adam gibbs meets will smith at the dorchester hotel in london
Adam Gibbs alongside his turntables, had the honour of meeting Will Smith before the London premier of Pursuit Of Happiness
A-Game Coach - Life Coaching - A.Gee World Record Breaking DJ - BBC 1Xtra
Adam Gibbs helping to break a World Record with BBC 1Xtra
World Record Breaker

BBC 1Xtra

Along with other highly ranked DJs and producers such as, Mark Ronson and Trevor Nelson, A.Gee broke the longest DJ relay World Record.

A-Game Coach - Life Coaching - Archie And The Secret Through The Ivy Kids Book
Archie And The Secret Through The Ivy - A heart warming children's book with lessons of compassion, self awareness & meditation
Mindfulness Author

Kids Books

During the pandemic years Adam authored a series of children’s books, focussing on mindfullness, the monkey mind, self motivation, confidence and anxiety.

Drawing from personal experiences of growing up battling anxiety and at times struggled with self confidence – Adam crafted stories aimed at providing the support he wished he had as a shy child.

Discover Adam’s children’s books here

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